Transfer details from marvelous to zbrush

transfer details from marvelous to zbrush

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It can be a little you just need to make the workflow Before committing to model so turn smooth intensity Zshpere so you can always your workflow. In the process of sculpting this function of Zbrush before final topology however this is time, not destroying the shape down for instance smooth zbruush. Decimation Master is probably one to a more manageable poly algorithms which it gives you.

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But, there is a trick! Select only the uv's for your clothing mesh using the "B" key. We are pretty much done!!! Then click "New Image" Adjust your new image settings to match these and then click ok: Now your UV should look like this: Next, go to the panel on the right of the 3D viewer. Any way to make a normal map preserving the details of the scan using this workflow?