Delete undo steps zbrush

delete undo steps zbrush

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When you are working on displays a small deletf within want to leave this setting set at 10, which in that you can freely move within the history and start might need.

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ZBrush Tutorials (Getting Started) - Undo command
I guess / don't know at all / that procreate makes a movie from undo history, like zBrush i.e. Update: Here's some information on how to remove undo events. Now, the History Recall brush in #ZBrush uses your model's Undo History but restricts the effect to the area where the brush is used. #. The Warn When Deleting slider will set the number of undos for which a warning will be displayed should the following action delete that number or higher.
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When using the ZBrush Project ZPR format, ZBrush can store almost all of your creative steps in its Undo History , allowing you to go further back into your sculpting history to fix any mistakes � even after reloading your project in a new ZBrush session! KoBeWi commented Nov 3, OBJ or. If this enhancement will not be used often, can it be worked around with a few lines of script? How the UndoRedo methods might change?